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Infinity-708 Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System

State of the art Engine Control, Cylinders up to 8

Advanced Engine Management
Hersteller : Advanced Engine Management
Artikel Nr. : 30-7101
Barcode : 5212006651505
ERP Code : AEM-0482

The Infinity ECU delivers state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) control technology which provides durability, flexibility and capabilities typically found only at upper echelons of Motorsports.

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Infinity Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System


The Infinity ECU delivers state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) control technology which provides durability, flexibility and capabilities typically found only at upper echelons of Motorsports. We have now made this technology affordable for both professional race teams and amateur racers. Built around a latest-generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity ECU is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and is perhaps the fastest ECU available today.

All Infinity ECU's come fully enabled without the need for feature add-on purchases for a limited time.




Infinity ECU modules are designed for maximum flexibility across many types of applications. ECU modules and harnesses are sold separately for both Supported and Plug & Play applications.

Choose the ideal Infinity ECU based on your application's ignition and fuel injector output requirements using the Infinity Specifications Chart, and then choose between our available Plug & Play or Universal harnesses to create the Infinity solution that suits your specific needs.




The Infinity ECU delivers comparable tuning functionality regardless of application type. It is available for a wide variety of applications in two distinct forms:


Supported Application


Infinity Supported applications refer to an engine family or cam/crank pattern for which the Infinity ECU has been tested and validated to run. However, certain ancillary vehicle systems (such as factory instrument clusters, automatic transmissions, and certain drive by wire throttles), may not be supported.

The setup Wizard included with the InfinityTuner user interface software dramatically simplifies initial tuning configuration to help ensure successful initial startup for Supported applications.Wiring is required for Supported applications. AEM offers Universal wiring harnesses in several iterations and detailed application-specific wiring instructions/schematics.

CLICK HERE for a current list of Infinity applications and available wiring harnesses


Plug & Play Applications


Infinity Plug & Play applications are available for select vehicles. Plug & Play applications support a vehicle's engine and most other ancillary vehicle systems, and include application-specific start up calibrations. The Infinity Plug & Play harness (sold separately) connects directly into the vehicle's factory ECU harness and in most cases requires no additional wiring.

CLICK HERE for a current list of Infinity applications and available wiring harnesses




Infinity's airflow model based systems greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up and tune an engine by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (correction tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs.

The Infinity's airflow based, or volumetric efficiency (VE) based models calculate an engine's fueling requirements in real time based on an advanced algorithm that has various modes for calculating air flow. Once the user inputs an engine's basic parameters (displacement, number of cylinders, injector size) and methods of calculation for airflow they can begin tuning the engine's VE table in the software.




InfinityTuner is optimized for speed and performance. The software has the power to control a multitude of features found in today's modern racecars, and features an advanced tuning Wizard to reduce set up time.

An ECU Setup Wizard takes complex calibration setup work and simplifies it through a smart interface that features tabs for quick set up of vital engine functions. Each tab includes a description of the function.


InfinityTuner software is highly flexible. It allows you to choose from multiple strategies for boost control, idle control, traction control, charge air temp blend, launch control and more.

All controls in the Infinity ECU are synched to logged data which allows users to edit calibration data during log playback to minimize tuning time. AEMdata, AEM's advanced data logging analysis software is also included for more detailed review of data logs.




The Infinity ECU calculates injector pulsewidth in units of 1/10th of a microsecond (0.0000001 second). Individual cylinder fuel trim is included and user adjustable vs. engine RPM.




InfinityTuner software features several 3D ignition trim maps (coolant and air temp based), and its back-end timing code is tested to 100,000 RPM. Individual cylinder ignition trim is included and is user adjustable vs. engine RPM.




Flex fuel compatibility is included, and the Infinity is able to make automatic adjustments for ethanol content in the fuel with the addition of an ethanol content sensor (sold separately).


The Infinity can be set up to compensate for changes in fuel stoichiometry based upon ethanol content, in addition to changing the closed loop air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and boost targets.




The Infinity has the ability to run two separate fuel types simultaneously through staged fuel injection.




The Infinity ECU can control one or two drive by wire throttle bodies and includes auto calibration for DBW sensors.

It includes idle control, an optional drive by wire rev limiter (for use as a launch limiter, holding limiter or in conjunction with other rev limiters) and necessary failsafes based on redundant sensor inputs. Traction control via drive by wire will be added in the future at no additional cost for existing Infinity ECU owners.




The Infinity ECU uses a coolant temp based idle control model.

It includes an RPM vs. Engine Speed Rate idle decel feature that provides accurate control of the IAC and allows for adjustment of engine braking. The Infinity's idle TPS offset provides smoother off idle drivability when necessary, like driving in the pits or return lane following a drag race pass




Choose from time, gear, vehicle speed, switch based or other boost control strategies.

The Infinity's boost control includes two 2D base duty tables and two 2D boost target tables. The secondary tables can be used as trims or adders, and users can choose from multiple variables including IAT, MAP, Baro (kpa), throttle %, flex fuel content, boost target and more.




The Infinity's software allows you to run a single-stage wet or dry nitrous set up (four-stage available soon).

This feature includes nitrous fuel enrichment, ignition timing retard and solenoid triggering in addition to more advanced controls like a timing delay to account for nitrous bleed out. This feature can also be set up for water/methanol injection tuning. Four stage nitrous will be upgraded for free for existing Infinity users when it becomes available.




Set base duty, limit and VVC cam target for up to four cams through the InfinityTuner Wizard.

The VVC control offers independent Intake and Exhaust cam position 2D target tables and control of up to four camshafts, each on an independent closed-loop PID loop for accurate target tracking.




The Infinity includes up to four separate ignition maps, four separate Lambda target maps and two separate VE maps with independent values. Using AEM's 12-Position Trim Pot, this powerful feature delivers many valuable tuning options including.

  • Multiple maps for multiple track conditions (practice map, rain map, qualifying map, etc.)
  • Change boost target
  • Change Lambda target
  • Change ignition target
  • Tie boost, Lambda and ignition targets together and change them all
  • Ideal for test mapping during tuning
  • Change boost base duty
  • Control PWM switches (like water/methanol injection)
  • Choose between 2 VE tables for VVC or when restrictors are in place
  • Blend by VVC cam position



Multiple engine protection strategies are incorporated into the Infinity ECU.


Available strategies include:

  • MAP (create limp mode using Assumed Pressure Ratio table to compensate for pressure if sensor fails or goes out of range)
  • Overboost (fuel cut until boost/throttle decreases)
  • Fuel pressure (injector flow compensated for variations in pressure, sensor required)
  • Oil pressure (trigger warning light or limit RPM if pressure drops below set value, sensor required)
  • RPM (rev limiter)
  • Coolant or oil temperature dependent engine rev limiter (fuel and ignition cut, sensor required)
  • Knock control with individual cylinder windowing, signal conditioning and feedback
  • Lean protection (fuel and ignition cut)



The Infinity's diagnostics software can be configured to constantly monitor signal and current quality to alert the user of a potential issue before it creates the potential for engine damage.




A 2-channel Bosch wideband controller is built into the Infinity ECU for twin turbo or individual bank exhaust gas measurement. On board control of the sensors ensures reliable sensor operation and intelligent control of closed-loop feedback.




Infinity's logging feature supports 2 different file systems. A custom file system option will support 100 channels at up to 1 KHz/channel using an included high performance USB flash drive.


A standard FAT file system will support 10 channels at up to 1KHz, 20 channels at up to 500Hz or 100 channels at up to 200Hz. The Infinity includes a 4GB USB memory stick and the user can replace this with up to 64GB. Additionally, the user can also log direct to the PC at up to 500Hz when connected.

What's the difference between FAT and RAW file systems? For the purposes of the Infinity, both have inherent advantages based on what is most important to you. File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems (commonly FAT 32) will log 10 channels at up to 1KHz/channel and 100 channels at up to 200Hz/channel. They are also readable by most PCs when you remove them from the Infinity comms port and insert them into a PC USB port, allowing you to access the data remotely from the ECU. With a quick switch of the file extension after downloading, users are able to access their data in InfinityTuner or AEMdata.

The custom file system for Infinity data logging (referred to as RAW) is much faster; able to log up to 100 channels at 1KHz/channel. It is also more robust in its ability to capture data. If for any reason the memory device is prematurely removed from the comms port on the Infinity it will retain the data until a few seconds before it was removed. With a FAT file format, if it is removed before being fully written to the storage device all data could be lost. However, unlike the FAT file format, you cannot remove the memory device and insert it into a PC to see the data as Windows will not recognize the custom format. This means that while your data is safe if it is prematurely removed, you will need to have it installed in the ECU and connect your PC to the ECU to download it.




AEMdata provides an advanced interface for viewing the log files generated by the Infinity ECU.




Dual knock signal conditioning circuits allow for precise measurements of knock levels. The Infinity can utilize both Piezoelectric and Flat Response type knock sensors.




The Infinity ECU is constructed using automotive-rated components designed to withstand the harshest racing environments.

Its aluminum enclosure and IP67-rated connectors are sealed to make it suitable for engine bay mounting. An advanced wear-leveling strategy for flash memory ensures a lifetime of reliable performance.




The Infinity ECU is able to transfer data via industry-leading High Speed USB at up to 480 Mb/second. It features a fully-sealed IP67 communications connection system.




Infinity is AEMnet enabled and will soon communicate with all AEMnet-equipped devices. It is able to output to many 3rd party dash/logger devices (not all 3rd party dash/logger devices may be supported).




A powerful input simulator feature is included that allows the user to simulate input channels to the Infinity EMS. By simulating operating conditions users can validate tuning changes before running the engine.




Infinity uses the latest printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing processes for Ball Grid Array (BGA) and Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) components. Its PCB size is roughly 5.5" x 5.5".

  • Up to 12 peak and hold injector drivers
  • Up to 12 (0-5V) ignition outputs
  • 3 analog temp inputs (Additional 3 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 11 analog voltage inputs (Additional 6 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 7 digital inputs (Additional 1 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 4 VR/Mag differential pair inputs (Additional 2 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 12 configurable outputs (Additional 1 with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • Variable cam control (up to 4 cams, application dependent)
  • Dual internal wideband controllers
  • 2 H-Bridge drivers for drive-by wire (Application dependent. Requires Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 32 Bit, 200MHz 400 MIPS primary microprocessor
  • 20 MHz auxiliary microprocessor
  • 6" L x 6" W x 2" H (1.125" H w/o connectors)
  • 24 Ounces/680.4 Grams
  • 129 pin, fully-sealed ECU enclosure and IP67 spec connectors


  • Compatible with most factory and performance aftermarket sensors
  • Includes start up configurations (supported applications only)
  • Fuel control resolution to 1/10th of a microsecond (.0000001 sec)
  • ECU set up wizard
  • USB 2.0 High-Speed communications
  • High-speed USB data logging to mass storage device (4GB included, tested to 64GB)
  • Internal data logging playback mode on every channel, synchronized with all controls
  • Tune using USB communication port (optional weatherproof extension cable sold separately)
  • 2-Channel CAN included
  • User interface features 3D graphics
  • Internal simulator
  • AEMdata data analysis software included
  • Runs on Windows-compatible software


  • Airflow model based calculations
  • VE-based engine startup
  • Multi-fuel capable
  • Flex fuel compensated – fuel, ignition and boost with blend
  • Multiple boost control strategies (time, gear, vehicle speed, switch and more)
  • Drive by wire (with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • 2-step programmable launch control (3-step with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • Programmable traction control, 2-wheel speed or engine acceleration (4-wheel speed with Advanced Tuning Package)
  • No-lift shift (Requires Advanced Tuning Package)
  • User configurable soft-cut rev limiters
  • User configurable anti-lag
  • Map switching (4 Separate ignition maps, 4 separate Lambda target maps, 2 separate VE tables)
  • Single stage wet or dry nitrous control (4-stage with Advanced Tuning Package, coming soon)
  • Integrated engine protection strategies
  • Target Lambda table, 10x10
  • Open-loop fuel pressure compensation
  • O2 lean-out protection
  • 2-channel adaptive knock control
  • Configurable coil dwell (RPM, voltage and load based)
  • Individual cylinder ignition trim (RPM based)
  • Individual cylinder fuel trim (RPM based)
  • 3D ignition trim maps (coolant and air temp)
  • Real-time sensor diagnostics
  • Ignition table, 20x20
  • VE airflow table, map vs. engine speed, 20x20
  • User adjustable charge temperature blend (CLT/AIT, engine speed dependent)
  • Idle control (stepper and pulsewidth)



Advanced Tuning Functions:

  • No-lift shift
  • 4-wheel speed traction control
  • 3-step launch control
  • Drive by wire
  • 4-stage nitrous control (coming soon)

Advanced Tuning Hardware Outputs:

  • 1 high side driver (coming soon)
  • 2 H-bridge channels

Advanced Tuning Inputs:

  • 2 analog voltage inputs (4 additional coming soon)
  • 2 VR/Mag differential pair inputs
  • 1 digital/frequency input (coming soon)
  • 3 analog temp inputs (coming soon)
  • 4-stage nitrous control (coming soon)

Infinity Stand-Alone Programmable Engine Management System


The Infinity ECU delivers state-of-the-art electronic fuel injection (EFI) control technology which provides durability, flexibility and capabilities typically found only at upper echelons of Motorsports. We have now made this technology affordable for both professional race teams and amateur racers. Built around a latest-generation 200MHz automotive processor, the Infinity ECU is capable of processing 400 MIPS (millions of instructions per second) and is perhaps the fastest ECU available today.

All Infinity ECU's come fully enabled without the need for feature add-on purchases for a limited time.




Infinity Engine Management Software

InfinityTuner Version: 2.86 File Size:12.3MB
InfinityTuner Wizards Version: 2.4 File Size:1.9MB
InfinityTuner Drivers Version: 2.81 File Size:2.98MB
InfinityTuner Layout Version: 2.81 File Size:4KB
InfinityTuner Session Version: 2.81 File Size:44KB
AEMdata Version:4.00.37 File Size:6.3MB

Series 1,Series 2 & EMS-4 Software

AEMTuner Series 2 EMS & EMS 4 Version: 2.98 File Size:32.4MB
AEMdata Version: 4.00.37 File Size:6.3MB

F/IC Calibration Software

F/IC - 8 Version: 1.05 File Size:18.9MB
F/IC - 6 Version: 3.04 File Size: 19.1MB
F/IC - 6 Patch Version: 3.05 File Size: 208KB
F/IC - 4 Version: N/A File Size: 19.2MB

AQ-1 Data Logger Software

AQ-1 Requires .Net
Framework 4 to be installed first

Version: 1.3 File Size: 11.1MB
AQ-1 Firmware update Version: N/A File Size: 308KB
.Net Framework 4 Version: N/A File Size: 869KB
AEMdata Version:4.00.37 File Size:6.3MB

Wideband Failsafe Config Software

WF Config Software Version: File Size:7.69MB
AEMdata Version: 4.00.37 File Size:6.3MB

Data Logging & Analysis Software

AEMdata Version: 4.00.37 File Size:6.3MB

Serial Cauge Config Software

Pro Gauge Version:N/A File Size:10.2MB

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