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Infinity HALL Cam / HALL Crank Harness

Universal V8 Accessory Wiring Harness

Advanced Engine Management
Hersteller : Advanced Engine Management
Artikel Nr. : 30-3805-06
Barcode : 5212006658498
ERP Code : AEM-0565

Adapter harness that mates Hall Effect crank and cam sensors to 30-3805 Core Harness. Legs to each sensor are 48” long.

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The Universal Core V8 Harness combines injector sub harnesses and idle motor harnesses for Ford and GM V8s with ignition timing sub harnesses for every type of MAG and Hall Effect timing configuration, allowing racers to get an Infinity-tuned racecar wired quickly and accurately. An ignition adapter harness for AEM's Single Channel Coil Driver is also available for trigger an inductive coil directly or a single-channel capacitive discharge ignition (CDI).






AEM’s Universal Core V8 Wiring engine harness (PN 30-3805) is terminated with Infinity-708/710 ECU connectors, power/ground leads and an OEM power distribution block with 5 relays and 7 fuses. Special care was taken to build redundancy into the power distribution system to increase overall reliability.

High quality Deutsch connectors terminate the leads for dual UEGO wideband air/fuel ratio sensors, wheel speed sensors, AEMnet (AEM’s CAN bus), dual 8-pin auxiliary ports, cam & crank, idle, injectors and coils sub harnesses. Deutsch connectors and pins are included for the auxiliary ports. Flying leads are included for permanent and switched power, manifold pressure (MAP), oil pressure, fuel pressure, air temperature, coolant temperature and throttle position.

The wiring is covered in automotive grade loom for enhanced longevity and the power/ground leads are heavy-duty serrated versions to ensure the best connection. A firewall grommet is included for a clean pass-through. All wires and connectors are labeled for ease of installation.




Injector adapter harnesses are available for Ford and GM engine injector locations and cylinder numbering (PN 30-3805-00 GM, PN 30-3805-01 Ford). They connect to the Universal V8 Core Harness via a Deutsch connector and include the popular/common Bosch EV1-style connectors for the fuel injectors. These harnesses include labels for ease of installation and are covered in automotive grade loom for longevity.




A 1-channel ignition adapter sub harness is available for distributed V8 engines (PN 30-3805-02) that mates an AEM Single Channel Coil Driver (PN 30-2841) to the Universal V8 Core Harness. The Coil Driver takes a 5v falling edge ignition trigger signal from an Infinity and outputs a 12v rising edge signal that can either be used to trigger an inductive coil directly or a single channel CDI. This adapter harness includes power and ground leads, a connector to the AEM Single Channel Coil Driver and a Deutsch connector for mating to the Universal V8 Core Harness. It is covered in automotive grade loom for longevity.




AEM has made the task of configuring and wiring cam/crank signals as easy as the snap of a Deutsch connection. Timing sub harnesses are available for:


High quality shielded wiring is used to virtually eliminate EMI and the flying leads for crank position, cam position, power and grounds are labeled for ease of installation.




AEM offers a GM Idle Stepper Motor sub harness (PN 30-3805-07) that connects to the Universal V8 Core Harness via a Deutsch connector and is terminated at the opposite end for common GM style 4-wire Stepper Idle Motors. AEM also offers a generic pulsewidth modulation (PWM) idle motor sub harness (PN 30-3805-08) that connects to the Universal V8 Core Harness via a Deutsch connector and features flying leads at the opposite end to be terminated by the user to any 2-wire PWM style idle motor. Both are covered in automotive grade loom for longevity.


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