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Sprint Booster Version 3 for Isuzu

Bypass TPS Mechanism for throttle response improvement (Isuzu)

Boulekos Dynamics
Hersteller : Boulekos Dynamics
Artikel Nr. : BLK-ISUZUV3
Verfügbarkeit : Auf Lager

Das Sprint Booster fuer Isuzu kommt um das Problem der schlechten Gasannahme des Fahrzeugs zu bedecken, dass elektronisches Management System verfuegt, so dass sofortige Reaktion auf Befehle von den Fuss des Fahrers geben. Das Design des Sprint Booster ermoeglicht die einfache Installation in allen Modellen, ohne die Notwendigkeit irgendwelche Draehte zu schneiden (plug n' play) oder in Elektronische Systeme des Fahrzeugs einzugreifen (es hat keine Auswirkungen auf andere Systeme wie elektronische Einspritzung, ABS, etc.).

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"How often do you feel that your car does not respond to your command ?"

"How often do you have to turn off the A/C in order to cross quickly a road with traffic?"

"How often do you feel that your car does not respond when going uphill?"

Automobiles in the 21st century have replaced the more conventional throttle cable technology for an ECM (Electronic Control Module) that translates pedal travel into electronic signals in order to provide power to the wheels.

Sprint Booster Pedal

The ETC system (Electronic Throttle Control) – also known as drive-by-wire – has the unfortunate downside of delayed throttle response and subdued acceleration, creating problems in certain circumstances such as up-hill starts, quick gearchanges, overtaking, etc.The Sprint Booster aims to overcome this throttle response delay for ETC-equipped vehicles, providing crisp on-tap acceleration at the driver's disposal.

Sprint Booster might very well be the "smartest" gadget on your car.

It is a device that improves acceleration by continuously measuring and converting the digital signal provided by the ETC's potentiometer, and providing the ECM with a new and altered signal.

The design of the Sprint Booster allows for its easy installation in all models, without the need to cut any wires (plug n' play) or intervene in the automobile's electronics (it does not affect other systems such as electronic injection, ABS, etc.).

The ultra compact design allows the driver to place the selector switch anywhere on the dashboard according his personal preference and convinience

The device comes with 3 Acceleration modes (Off- Sport - Race) and 36 acceleration programs in total (18 manual & 18 automatic) that ensures flexibility and overall control over the car’s acceleration.

The new Special features ‘Valet mode’ & ‘Pedal lock’ mode allows the driver to disable the acceleration ability (pedal lock) as well as limit the rate of acceleration (Valet mode) when he is not driving his vehicle.


Sprint Booster is aimed at all drivers with ECT-equipped cars, who are after a safer and more exciting automotive experience.

  • At low revs, the engine responds at approximately half the time in comparison to before.
  • The delay time whilst accelerating in 3rd and 4th gear and the engine in the mid-range, is almost zero.
  • Big differences in the higher rev range.
  • Improved response for downshifts and safer overtaking.
  • Overall safety and more fun on the road!

Its Installation is extremely easy & takes only a few minutes.

1. With the door open wait for five minutes before install the device. During this time the vehicle is checking the electronic systems of the car through the can bus system.

2. Remove the accelerator pedal. In most vehicles there are 1-3 bolts that keep the pedal in place.

3. Connect Sprint Booster on the pedal.
4. Connect the OEM connector on the Sprint Booster.

5. Make sure all connections are firmly in place (both OEM connector and Sprint Booster are properly hooked)

6. Put the pedal back to it's initial position.

7. End of installation


3 Acceleration Modes

Acceleration Modes

Sprint Booster comes with 3 Acceleration Modes

OFF MODE: Sprint Booster is deactivated. The response of the car has the factory settings.The LED of the Selector switch is OFF

SPORT MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response up to 30%. The LED of the selector switch in Sport mode is Green

RACE MODE: Sprint Booster provides improved response up to 60%. The LED of the selector switch in Race mode is Red.

The modes are switching by pressing the main button (black chromed button with logo.

36 Acceleration Programs

Acceleration Programs

Each Acceleration mode comes with 9 programs / steps.

Select 1-9 in SPORT mode (Green light) and 1-9 in RACE mode (Red light) with '1' being the least aggressive program and '9' the most aggressive one.

The Acceleration programs are switching by pressing the 2 arrow buttons on the top (left to decreace and right to increase).

By selecting the desired acceleration program in each mode the driver can fine-tune By selecting the desired acceleration program in each mode the driver can fine-tune each mode according his driving style (eg select SPORT -9 & RACE-5)

Type Of Transmission

Sprint Booster modes and programs, are transmission type specific for better function and performance.


The driver can select the type of his vehicle transmission through a slide switch located on the right side of the selector switch. The device will automaticaly adjust the programs according the type of transmission selected. There are 36 programs in total (18 for manual transmission & 18 for automatic transmission).


Valet & Pedal Lock Modes

Sprint Booster comes with 2 new special features.



Valet mode limits the acceleration of the vehicle by 55 % - 65% - 75% (comes in 3 selectable levels).It is activated/deactivated through a 3 digit PIN. By limiting the acceleration there will be a significant reduce in vehicle's performance (Power and Torque).


The Pedal Lock mode provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. The Pedal Lock mode provides extra protection against unauthorized vehicle use. The driver can deactivate the acceleration ability of the vehicle through a 3 digit PIN.

The menu for VALET & PEDAL LOCK MODE is accessed when the vehicle is stationary and in OFF MODE by pressing the 2 arrow buttons simultaneously.






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