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Contour Connect View

make your iPhone or iPod a wireless viewfinder for your ContourGPS camera

Hersteller : Contour
Artikel Nr. : 4000
Barcode : 7935735998656
ERP Code : CNT-0007

The Connect View Card allows your iPhone or iPod touch to become a wireless viewfinder for your ContourGPS camera. Together with the Contour Mobile App, Connect View allows you to see what your camera sees before you record and change your settings in real-time. Use your phone to line up the shot, adjust your settings (video, lighting, or audio), and you're ready to record your adventure.

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The Contour ConnectView is a combination Bluetooth card and free App for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad viewfinder solution for the ContourGPS cam. Using the Contour Connect solution you get a wireless viewfinder and camera controller for your ContourGPS cam. You can now easily preview your scene and frame your shots easily. Adjust your video, lighting, or audio settings right from your smartphone! Save time and get your shots right the first time.


Contour Camera App allows you to:

  • Use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad as your viewing screen to align your shot while in standby mode
  • Adjust your camera settings like video, lighting and audio in real-time
  • iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation)
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G



Here's how to pair your ContourGPS Camera with your iOS device:


1. Before starting, make sure you have updated the camera's firmware and connected to Storyteller to get a Bluetooth id. (Directions)

Open the backdoor of the camera and remove the battery. Replace the card next to the battery with the Connect View card. Close the backdoor and power up the camera.


2. Locate the Bluetooth button in front of the record switch. Press and hold the button for five seconds before releasing. The front LED will begin flashing blue. (Note: if you slide the record switch forward the camera will go out of Bluetooth mode.)


3. Go into your phone's settings and enable Bluetooth. Wait while your iOS locates the ContourGPS camera. Once you see 'ContourGPS', select it to tell your iOS to accept the pairing. You will know the pairing is complete when the front LED on the camera goes solid blue.

If a pairing can not be established, push and release the Bluetooth button on the camera. Then repeat the process of pressing and holding the camera's Bluetooth button for five seconds. The ContourGPS camera should appear.


4. Open the Contour App and you should see what your camera sees! If your Bluetooth connection is lost the app will let you know; if this happens, you'll need to turn your Bluetooth back on by pressing the Bluetooth button once. A single beep will sound and the camera will connect with the pre-existing pairing.

(Full Release Notes)


*To unlock the Bluetooth feature you will need to download and install new firmware for your ContourGPS camera.

*Download Contour Camera App Visit the Apple App Store to download the Contour Camera App.


What's Included:

  • Connect View Card


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