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Contour Moto Mounts

Suction Cup Mount - Flex Strap Mount - Profile Mount - Rotating Flat Surface Mount

Hersteller : Contour
Artikel Nr. : 6230
Barcode : 817309010230
ERP Code : CNT-0037

A versatile combination for all Motorsports. Use the Suction Cup Mount on windshields or the Flex Strap Mount on roll bars, handle bars, or any other round or irregular shape. The Profile Mount is great for that low profile option, and the adjustable Rotating Flat Surface Mount will help you get the perfect angle.

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Product Description

Created to cover most mounting situations any motor sports athletes might encounter, the Contour Moto Mounts kit includes a Suction Cup mount, Rotating Flat Surface mount, Flex Strap mount, Left Profile mount and Right Profile mount. It also comes with a weatherproof carry bag that keeps all the mounts together when not in use. The Suction Cup mount attaches to any hard flat surface, such as the roof of your off-road truck or the windshield of your sports car. The Rotating Flat Surface mount is ideal for attaching to a variety of surfaces from dirt bikes and motor cycles to car doors and ATV fenders. The Flex Strap mount comes in handy when you want to mount your Contour camera to a roll cage bar or to the handle bars of your dirt bike. Plus, the kit also comes with Profile mounts for mounting a camera on either side of your helmet.


What's Included:

  • Suction Cup Mount
  • Rotating Flat Surface Mount
  • Left Profile Mount
  • Right Profile Mount
  • Flex Strap Mount

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