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Contour Rotating Flat Surface Mount

Easy on with the TRail system

Hersteller : Contour
Artikel Nr. : 3720
Barcode : 817309010056
Verfügbarkeit : Nicht Verfügbar

The Rotating Flat Surface Mount was developed to be not just easy to use, but to also deliver solid, jiggle-free video. Simply slip the camera on to the TRails, rotate the camera into position, and then engage the lock button and you are ready to capture your exploits.

Product discontinued


Product Description

Providing point of view videographers with an ultimate combo of smart design and complete fool proof operation, the Rotating Flat Surface Mount from Contour eliminates any concern about shifty video thanks to its sturdy and secure locking design. An incredibly useful tool for most any application the multi-surface mount was developed to provide simplicity of use, while upping confidence levels. Once locked in place this mount ensures nothing by solid, slip free video with no more effort than sliding the recording switch to on. Effortlessly mounted by sliding the camera onto the TRails, finding your desired angle is easy thanks to Contour's solid, ratchet type rotation. Once in place, simply push the lock button to securely hold your camera in slip free position, then you're set to capture stellar footage, without worry that the camera is going to change up the angle on you.

  • Easy on with the T-Rail system
  • Solid ratchet type rotation lets you set the perfect angle
  • Easy to push locking button confidently holds your camera

What's Included:

  • Rotating Flat Mount with 3M™ PE Foam Adhesive
  • Spare 3M™ PE Foam Adhesive

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